Change of ownership

Can you change ownership of passwords? I am testing bitwarden for middle size company usage. The problem is if you create password by default it is personal and it seems you cannot change ownership to organization. My users will not be IT people and I foresee lots of problems with this. Especially then (not if) they will forger they master password.

Maybe you can recommend passwor manager who are more suited for my use case: simple, minimum security, for regular folks, everything controllable by admin, centered to teams/organisation?
I tested 4 different tools already.

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You can share any item created in a personal vault to an organization the user is a member of.
Sharing changes the ownership of the item to the org.

I’ll add that you can’t then take it back or transfer it to a different user.

It’s a feature I really wish they would add/change.

The only way to move it to a different user, or to take a password back from an org is to create a duplicate entry manually, and then delete the one in the org.

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I disagree. If it is in your personal vault, regardless if you are a member/owner of an organisation, it stays in your personal vault. It’s you been the owner and not the organisation. If you want to change it you have to duplicate it and select the organisation to be the new owner and delete the source entry.
The other way round does work: If the owner is an organisation you can change it to a user without dublication.

Well that’s not currently how it works :slight_smile:

But if you feel that’s something that should be changed, you can create a feature request for this by creating a post in this forum in the appropriate category. Other users will be able to vote for it. Please remind to search before posting, as others may have already had the same idea.

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I would also really like such feature.
For instance, in my case I am leaving the org, and would be easier to just change ownership (like in Slack, etc…)

the workaround I see now, is to download the vault and then re-create and new org…