Data loss after deleting Company

I created a company (family) and shared some entries from my Biwarden Vault with the family.
After testing this I deleted the company (family) and now the shared entries are also deleted from my vault.
This means data loss!

I think this is not a bug but a missing feature, so I report this issue here.

In my opinion an entry is stored in my vault and I just allow that users in the family can see them.
So it should be possible to unshare an entry.
And when I remove the company then this should behave like a mass unsharing (all entries remain in my vault but are no longer shared).

Vote… i got in similar situation yesterday while testing the Organisation.

I share a password and there were no way ti unshare, further, even if i have a premium plan while share a password i loss access to the TOTP function…

+1 had the same problem after testing and sharing with my partner.
Deleting the organization was also deleting all shared entries in my vault.
I’ve tried to look up the behavior prior to the deletion, but it wasn’t clear in the docs.

Highlighting that would be an easy and maybe the first step to prevent users for future data losses.

Keep up the good work!

I’m pretty sure it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and I agree it’s confusing.

Once shared password is moved to an Organization, it no longer exists for the user. So it isn’t easy at all to simply “unshare” them. A new unshared version of each item would have to be created before deleting the org.