Option to delete community only, not shared passwords

There needs to be an option to delete collections without deleting passwords shared between them. I just deleted a collection, skimmed over the part that said that associated items would be deleted with it, and accidentally deleted 15 of my passwords and logins, now I have to go figure out what got lost and reset all those passwords.

The default option when ad admin deletes a collection of organization is to only delete the collection. It should be an opt-in option to delete associated logins, to avoid this issue and to protect admins.

Items are not deleted. They are moved into the unassigned grouping for the organization.

What happens if you delete an organization? I deleted my family accidentally and it looks like everything within that organization was also deleted.

Yes, deleting an organization will definitely delete the items in it.

Hi Kyle,

is there a way to move a password out of an organization and back into my personal vault (where it came from) without deleting and re-setting it up manually?
E.g. if I didn’t want to share it any longer, or if we were to not need the organization setup at any point in the future.

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