Implications of removing a user

I have an employee that left the organization, all their entries are in a collection that was shared between the two of us. I have since added their replacement to the organization, and now the collection is shared between myself and the new employee.

My question is, if I go ahead and delete the old employee to free up a license, will that effect anything since technically the original employee created, and so I assume, “owns” those entries?

Any items saved to, or moved into an organization collection belong to that organization and not an individual user.

Once a user is deleted any items stored in their personal vault will be deleted when they are removed, but any items that have been stored in an organization will remain as they belong to that organization.


Thanks Kent! That is what I assumed, I just wanted to make certain before I did anything… I’m obviously new here. I really appreciate the response.

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Not a problem, love to see new people enjoying and using the project. It’s one I really enjoy and believe is extremely useful.

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