Credit Card / Identity: Auto-fill in browser only possible when visible in the Tab of the extension?

I disabled showing identities and credit cards on the Tab in the browser extension (Vivaldi) so that the Tab isn’t overfilled. Now I wanted Bitwarden to help with filling an identity and a credit card. After searching for an entry in the browser extension and clicking on it fields were not auto-filled. So I had to manually copy and paste all the fields from the detail view of such an entry.

Now I tried the same but enabled showing identities and cards on the Tab. Now I’m able to auto-fill all the fields with just one click on the entry in the Tab.

Right-clicking and selecting Bitwarden also doesn’t offer identities or credit cards for auto-fill.

Is there a way to be able to auto-fill identities or credit cards without enabling them to be displayed in the Tab of the extension? Actually I have 5 credit cards and 4 identities in the Tab of the browser extension and for me it looks to much overfilled.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

Yes, you can search for that Identity item from your My Vault page, open it, and then click on the ‘Auto-fill’ button towards the bottom.

I hope this helps.