Using Autofill Identity

I’m trying to understand the use of the Identity Card and being able to autofill personal information like address, phone number, etc. I’m using Windows desktop, chrome and extension. I created an Identity card with some information filled in. I went to a web page asking for name and address. I access the browser (chrome) extension and located the card. There is no icon to the right of the card name for ‘fill in’. I only have the icon to the left of the name for ‘view’. Can you give me any advice here please? Thanks

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I think I figured this out.
When I accessed the BW extension and searched for my identity card the view changed from Tab to Vault. In the Vautl tab the fill-in icon does not appear - not sure why. If I scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to find my card while in the Tab view then the fillin icon is there.
This seems AWFULLY inconvenient. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something about how this should be done?
Thank you.

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The identities should also be displayed on the “Tab” view that is the default view when you open the browser extension; if they are not shown there, go to Settings > Options and enable Show identities on Tab page.

:point_right:   In the “Tab” view, the identity information will be auto-filled if you click the icon to the left of the item name, or just click directly on the item name itself (i.e., clicking on the “card”).

This aspect of the UX can be confusing, because clicking on an item “card” (or on its left-hand icon) can produce different actions depending on which view you are in. In the “Tab” view, clicking the card triggers and auto-fill. However, if you are in the “Vault” view or in the search results, clicking the card just opens the item for viewing and additional actions.