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I switched from 1Password to Bitwarden because I’d like to host my own server. But, I make a large number of online purchases for business purposes, and doing so with Bitwarden is quickly becoming tedious.

I searched this topic before posting and saw feature requests from 2+ years ago… so hopefully it’s been addressed and I’m just not finding it. What I’m looking for is:

When I need to manually enter credit card info, I currently need to copy a field (card number, expiration, etc), enter my master password, reopen Bitwarden and find the card again, and repeat the process for all fields.

Entering my password in order to copy each field is annoying, but I at least understand the security concern. But what’s more frustrating is needing to reopen Bitwarden and find the specific credit card again.

Is there any better way to do this?

You might want to take a look at this:

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Like @Peter_H said, autofilling credit cards using identity cards is not only possible in Bitwarden, but it is very slick. I use this from the Bitwarden browser extension all the time, and it is invaluable. There is absolutely no need to copy-and-paste each field one at a time, unless you refuse to use the browser extension.

And please don’t forget to mark this thread as SOLVED if Peter’s suggestion addresses your needs. Cheers!

I have found that my cards and identities do not always show up in the Tab view, even if there is a credit card number field on the site I’m on. Also, there is no way to easily copy the expiration date. There are copy shortcuts for the card number and the security code, but not for the expiration date.

I have never experienced this, but I don’t have that many identities or cards stored, so maybe with more only a limited number get shown.

You can always add your most frequently used items as favorites to force them to appear on the Tab page, too.

Actually, what I mean is that at times, NO cards or identities show up, even if there is a credit card number field in the page.

Will adding a card or identity to favorites allow them to autofill, even when the rest of the items in that class (i.e. card or identity) would not show up?

Credit card items are not the same as Login items - I don’t believe there is an option to auto-fill credit card information unless the user manually initiates the auto-fill. And I think this is the way it should be, because it is possible for a malicious website to spoof a credit card form and capture your credit card info after it fills but before you submit the form.

When I encounter a form requiring credit card information, I just click on the button for the Bitwarden browser extension and then click on the credit card I want from the Tab page - it almost always just pastes everything in. Once in a while, I might have to manually set the expiry date or another field, but that’s rare.

Peter_H & David H,

The Auto-fill Cards & Identities using the Tab View is slick.

Thanks for the Tip!

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That’s the thing, David. When credit cards show up on my Tab, I can generally initiate auto-fill manually. The problem is that credit cards do not always show up on my Tab, even when the page in question has a credit card field to fill out.

In these cases, I need to go to My Vault/Cards/card-in-question and copy/paste the info from the card record because the “Tab” page has no card records showing up.

When cards do show up in my Tab, all of them show up, so it’s not a problem with quantity of card records.

That is very bizarre - I have never seen inconsistent behaviour like that with Bitwarden, even on different browsers on multiple operating systems.

I suggest you contact the Bitwarden CS Team to see if they can help, or perhaps they can confirm that this is a bug in the system to be fixed:

You should also try adding your most used credit cards to your Favorites list to force them to appear at the top of your Tab page, at least as a workaround.