Compatability with (Android) Mobile Browsers That Aren't Chrome?

With regard to desktop browsers, I use Opera because I don’t much care for the resource hog that is Chrome. With that in mind, I also started using Opera for Android. Turns out it also has a built-in ad blocker, but I digress.

Turns out Bitwarden does not autofill at all well with Opera for Android, and it gives me a sad. I can’t really speak to iOS because I don’t use iOS, but does anyone else experience problems with browsers (for Android) that aren’t Chrome?

I did some searching on this forum for Opera for Mobile issues, and the only posts I’m finding are years old. I’m not really keen on being forced to use Chrome because Bitwarden isn’t compatible with other browsers. Then again, (now that I think about it) LastPass’ compatability issues with Firefox for Android is why I stopped using Firefox on my phone. EDIT: I’m seeing posts about people having BW issues with Firefox on Android as well…


I have had exactly the same experience as you. I have a Huawei running Android 9. Bitwarden and LastPass auto-fill work correctly on Chrome only. On Firefox Beta the auto-fill menu appears sometimes but doesn’t work. On Brave and Opera it doesn’t appear at all…

So Trevor at technical support for Bitwarden suggested that I disable and re-enable all of the auto-fill services in the Bitwarden app. To my astonishment, that fixed the problem. Auto-fill now works with all the browsers I have tried on my Huawei.


I am having the same trouble as OP @chyron8472: Bitwarden only working with Chrome browser on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+). I tried disabling then reenabling Auto-fill but that did not solve. Please share any other troubleshooting tips.

@glevner, please clarify “all” in your statement “disable and re-enable all of the auto-fill services” - I only found one auto-fill option on my Android app. Are there multiple options?

On the Auto-fill Services page, there are three things you can toggle off and on again: Auto-fill Service, Use Accessibility and Use Draw-Over.

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Thank you @glevner for this information. I was not aware that all three had to be enabled. I thought the others were for “accessibility” (sight, hearing issues). It works now for Vivaldi browser (Android). I will check my other browsers.

Accessibility + Draw-Over is an older autofill implementation: Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support

If Vivaldi started working after enabling them, that might mean Vivaldi doesn’t support current Android Autofill API (Autofill Service / Inline Autofill) and ended up trying to fall back to older option.

There is a Vivaldi forum post on the current API not working: No support for password Android Autofill API? (3.0, Enpass) | Vivaldi Forum

It seems people on pretty much all password managers (Bitwarden, 1Password, Enpass, LastPass, …) are commenting that newer API isn’t supported.

On side note, you may need to tweak battery settings if using Accessibility autofill: Troubleshooting Android Auto-fill | Bitwarden Help & Support

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