Opera mobile?


I use Bitwarden for mobile, no problem with Firefox Mobile. I prefer Opera Mobile on my smartphone but Bitwarden popup doesn’t appears when I want to login on a website.

Is it a bug ? I use the last version of Bitwarden / Opera. I check auto fill settings on Android. Everything is ok. My phone is an OnePlus 7 Pro on Android P.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey Alexandre,

Same issue here but I’m using Opera Touch. It doesn’t even match the website for me when I open my vault to search for the password. In Chrome and Firefox for Android, I have no issues at all. I e-mailed the support, let’s see if they reply. My phone is an Oneplus 3T :slight_smile: on android P as well.

oneplus 3 on orio: opera mini is working fine (most of the time) on android; firefox and chrome not working despite all my correct settings!

edit: firefox now working on android, chrome not;
i don’t see possibility in chrome to ad add ons for this

edit2: it is working on chrome android but you have to swipe down from the top op the screen to make the bitwarden option visible

If anyone has the same issue :smile:

I routinely use Opera for Android, and indeed Bitwarden can not autofill my logins when I use it.