Can't understand Safari Browser Extension in Mac

Hello, I bought a premium license and I’m happy with Bitwarden. Even though I don’t understand one thing: I set my Bitwarden app to lock when my Mac is locked, so when screen saver stars, Bitwarden is locked and I need to entry my Master Password to get back in. But Safari browser extension does work that way, so even when Bitwarden app is locked, anyone can get in to my vault through my Safari browser extension.

Is there any way to make Safari browser extension to make ir behave like Bitwarden app?? (not with time like it is in options). I hope my point is clear. Thank you.

I am not 100% sure, but locking Bitwarden when your OS locks probably requires the browser extension to communicate with the desktop app, which is not available currently.
The only option is
to set timeout
automatically lock Bitwarden when the browser restarts.( I use this option)