Continually locked out on Safari

Hello. I’m running Bitwarden 1.43.3 in Safari 13.1 on MacOS 12.14.6. I have a premium membership. For a while now, I have been getting locked out very frequently (after a small number of minutes), in Safari even though my setting is for “on browser restart”. I so far have tried and failed to fix things by doing the following:

  • Restart browser
  • Restart machine
  • Update Bitwarden to latest version
  • Set the lock option to something else and then back to “on browser restart”
  • completely remove and reinstall Bitwarden (including removing ~/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden)
  • Update Safari to the latest version

None of these have resolved the issue. Can anyone shed any light on this problem, or suggest other steps? Is there a debug log I can turn on?


You might been confusing web vault, app and extension. Settings are independent on each. Close the web vault and the app (as those have nothing to do with extension), click on the button in Safari and set your preference in there.

Hope it helps.

I see the same behavior on macOS 10.15.x and Safari 13.x, using ONLY the browser extension.

While it often works fine for days, sometimes even opening a new tab locks the vault. For me, restarting the browser or changing the option to something different and back seems to help, though.

So far restarting the browser, computer, etc does not help. I’m really getting frustrated by this.

This is a problem specifically with the Safari browser plugin. The desktop app and web vault work fine.

Not necessarily. I’m on Android with Firefox. I set my Android app to never lock the vault. But vault is always locked. Everytime when a password field comes around I have to unlock.

Latest update really messed a lot for me. Auto fill popup shows istself if it feels like it. I had to open app, find the saved login and copy password to login for a couple of times already.

There is a Github issue for this problem:

Sorry to jump to a quick conclusion, just read the lengthy issue in GitHub and I’m baffled… tested in Mojave and Catalina and “it works on my machine:rofl:. I’m got bit of OCD and leftovers make me crazy; over the years I’ve “perfected” a method for cleaning. I can help you with a through removal of Bitwarden from macOS so you can start fresh and see if that helps. Other than that, is just random guessing like the classical: “it might be something else installed on your machine”.