Safari Extension on Safari 13/macOS Catalina

Currently the safari extension does not work on Catalina when it comes out. This is as I believe safari extensions must be associated with a Mac app now. They blocked support for extensions outside the store in Safari 12, but I believe they are now blocking all extensions, even ones in the store, that do not come with a Mac app. Lastpass updated theirs so the extension comes with the app recently.

I was Googling importing PW into BW from keychain and came across a reddit thread where the BW developer says he isn’t likely to have a Safari extension. As someone who just moved their team to BW from 1P this is pretty close to a deal-breaker. Major bummer to read this.

I am not sure we will be able to continue supporting Safari in the near future.

Isn’t there a possibility to add just an extension to the App Store? I’m not really a big fan of the Bitwarden app, it is essentially a browser with one local web site on top. So I’m using only the extension on Chrome but sometimes I need to test things in Safari but currently I have to copy and paste passwords from Chrome to Safari.

To use the extension in Catalina, you’ll have to install the Bitwarden Desktop app, and then you will be able to enable the extension in Safari Preferences. You don’t have to use the Bitwarden desktop app in any way.

This is how Apple is controlling the flow of Safari extensions these days.

I moved my team the opposite way (BW >> 1P) and we are extremely happy. BW has way too many things that can (and should) be done before it can be regarded as full-blown password manager.

Definitely sorry to hear you switched, but we understand that security is paramount! Stay tuned - we are working every day to bring more to the platform and hope to see you back in the future!

I’ll go ahead and close this topic since we’ve posted a help article on this. If we do release a standalone extension, it’ll be front page news on our blog!

As always, thank you to everyone for their feedback!