Cannot import license file to self-hosted instance

We set up our self-hosted instance of bitwarden and tried to import the license from When importing, the error apears that the license is not valid. An ideas?

See here:

i managed to figure out that i was trying to import a user license instead of organisation license. Anyway, now i get an error saying that either my license is not for self hosted instances or my installation id is incorrect

It might be a good idea to contact Bitwarden Support:

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Already done that

OK, good. Please let us know how you make out, then. Cheers.

If you are importing the Org license correctly now, I would verify the installation ID is correct.

Assuming those two are now in place, do you know if the Organization is a Teams or Enterprise licensed Org?

Only Free & Premium personal plans, as well as Family and Enterprise organization types allow for the option to self-host.

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