Organisation issues on self hosted instance


I experienced a few issues with an organisation on my self hosted instance, I bought a family license last week and downloaded the license to use the organisation on my server. Today I noticed a little triangle next to my organisation, the license experied - I guess the license I downloaded was only valid for three days because there is an 7 day trial before every subscription, right? - So I downloded the license again and uploaded it to my server, the license was accepted but for some reason, the triangle appeared again and the organisation is disabled, but in the license setting it says ‘valid until 8.01.2020’, which can’t be right, because I purchased a license for one year?

I’m using the latest version of bitwarden on my server.


Sounds very weird. Please send an email to [email protected] with your license file attached and we can look into it.

I had the same problem. Server restart and clear browser cash helped.

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Helped for me either, thread can be closed - but thank you both. :wink: