Unable to import license file to self-hosted

I buyed a premium license on bitwarden.com
the cloud based works with 2022.9.1
my self hosted works on digitalOcean docker, literally is unable to update, works with 2022.8.1
i followed some guides and workarounds to update the DigitalOcean Docker Bitwarden instance, with no exit.
I m exhausted
I need some help and clear light with this problem

2022.9.1 is not yet available for self-hosted instances, I’m also on 2022.8.1 right now.

Importing the license file should not be affected by this, though. Do you get any error messages when trying to do this?

hi accolon ,

when trying to import appears a message.

the license is not valid for this user.

it is a premium license recently purchased

Hi @qrijander

Have you seen this help article?

Have you purchased an individual license or organizational license?
You will want to apply the applicable license to the same personal or organization in your self-hosted instance from Digital Ocean.