Bug Report - Trash isn't working correctly

I’m seeing weird issues surrounding Trash/deletion.

If I delete a single item or delete a folder with items, I’m only ever seeing either 0/1 item appear in the trash.

If I delete a login and then I delete an empty folder, my trash is cleared

Hey @vaulted for additional support, can you contact the support team or file a bug report with steps to reproduce for the team to review?

If you delete a folder that contains vault items, then the items are not deleted (they are just moved to the “No folder” folder). Thus, the count of items in the Trash folder will not increment.

I was not able to reproduce this. Can you provide an example with detailed steps?

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Thank you for the explanation. I misunderstood how deleting folders work. As for the second issue, I was not able to reproduce it today on my end. It very well may have been user error.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll go ahead and close the topic if possible.

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