Deleting a Folder

Hello everyone.

New user here that just bailed on LastPass and I require assistance on deleting a folder. Here’s the situation:

  • I imported all of my information from LP and that was successful.

  • All of my folders created correctly in BW, but I then moved an item to another folder, leaving one of the imported folders empty.

  • I now have a ‘No Folder’ icon as the very last folder in my alphabetized list of folders and have tried several times to delete to no success.

This is not the end of the world by any means, but my OCD really wants that folder to just go away. Any advice/help would certainly be appreciated.


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The “no folder” item is a permanent resident in the vault :grimacing:

It’s home to any items you add that aren’t assigned to any folders, such as new items that are saved during login.


Thank you, @tgreer, for that explanation… I just assumed that was the empty folder I left straggling!

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