Unwanted Folder

I can’t find anything on the Help pages about deleting folders. I didn’t make any folders, as I prefer just to have everything alphabetical. But my vault is telling me I have one login in a folder. I don’t know where it is or how to get it back into the “Nofolder” group.
Screenshot: http://postimg.cc/68dY7fsH

It could be your “Identity” information.
I believe it still counts as “Login” even though its a different type.

I cannot confirm this as I have everything in folders…

Maybe. The reddit.com login always pops up when I open the program.I don’t care that much as long as it doesn’t affect functioning.

BTW–how do you make a folder?

The plus(+) Icon On the right side of the FOLDERS Heading can be used to create a new folder on vault.bitwarden.com.

You can remove the folder associated with it to make it back to No Folder.

Even though there are folders they will be alphabetical when you first login.