[SOLVED] Deleted Folders do not appear in Trash folder?

Long time LastPass user - evaluating BitWarden.
Do deleted folders get immediately purged and not appear in the Trash?
(more importantly, the items in those folders are immediately purged)

I’ve already had to purge the vault and start over because I didn’t notice I had a filter setup and the folders I thought were empty - weren’t.
Is there a setting I missed or is this by design?
(which I can’t seem to confirm with the online documentation)


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@ tgreer:
Unfortunately confirmed for the desktop app on Windows 10. Haven’t tried other versions.
Feature, limitation or bug ?


  • Create a new folder
  • Create some new items in that folder
  • Delete the folder

Expected result:
The folder or at least its items appear in the trash.

Actual result:
Both the folder and its items are gone. The trash stays empty.

Confirmed! Thank you @cho-m :+1:

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When I do this, I believe the Folder is erased, but the items are moved to "No Folder"


Ahh - there they are.
I had a lot of items in the “No Folder” folder so it wasn’t as obvious.
Thanks for the assist!

:slight_smile: Was just about to say - the folders are ephemeral so they don’t wind up in the trash, they’re just pointers, not physical ‘buckets’.

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Makes sense. Thanks for clarification!