Trash TTL not working

According to the TTL for trashed items is 30 days. AFAIK when an item is older, it will be deleted completely. Right?

Doesn’t work for me. What am I doing wrong?

It doesn’t work for me either.

It is mildly annoying, but I just remember to empty it occasionally.

We’re working on a patch for this - should be out soon!

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I think it would be great if you could add a small reminder somewhere within the client apps like “All items in trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days”

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Don’t wanna be that guy, but that’s quite a while now.

We just pushed an SSO patch yesterday, and this will be out in the couple of weeks (in testing along with a couple of other large features) :slight_smile:

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Should this already be working? curious

I believe it’s still queued to start the 30-day deletion in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! :grimacing:

Still nothing. Not that I want to be pushy, just letting you know that it doesn’t seem to work IF it was already triggered.

This PR will start the job that performs this. Once released, any trash item older than 30 days (from time of deletion) will be removed permanently.

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And what does this mean for the SaaS version of Bitwarden? Or is this functionality only available if you host it yourself?

This will apply to the SaaS service and self-hosted once released.

If you’re using the trash as an archive, you’ll want to move anything you want to keep, out of the trash :sunglasses:

Let ‘er rip, tater chip! :joy:

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@tgreer how exactly would I best back up the Trash? I have a situation here: How to back up the Trash folder before clearing it?

TL;DR: The challenge is that the Trash is not included in vault exports, but I also can’t just restore the items in the trash without at the same time polluting my whole folder structure.

That is a great question! You could try using an old version of the desktop application here is the oldest that supports the trash feature - and export. It should export the trash items (it was a ‘bug’ in the initial implementation).

Cool, how long do I still have until the first auto-delete? Should be imminent?

It will be soon, but not within the week as far as I understand. When we do our next server update it should start the deletion schedule.

Would there be an easy way to make the deletion rule not trigger until 30 days after the update is deployed?

Not for me specifically, but for other users who may be affected but don’t know about the change, yet. Ideally, there would also be a one-time pop-up to make people aware. (Unless I’m the only person who sometimes accidentally puts diamonds in the trash… no clue.)

Yep! We’re looking at timing options, and I’ll be posting here in the forums (with a banner, too :slight_smile: ) to make sure everyone knows.

You’re making me feel so disruptive now *blushes*