Bought Bitwareden premium but TOTP autofill not working in Firefox?

I bought Bitwarden premium only because on the Firefox browser extension I could see the option to auto fill the otp automatically after the autofill on logins. However, the otp is not copied.

Do you know ho to solve this issue?

Do you know that you’ll have to paste (ctrl+v) in the totp field? The code should automatically be copied to the clipboard after login but you need to paste it yourself.

Yes, I know that but it does not work. This is why I created this topic. I have set up a totp with Github. Whenever I login with github and then I have to fill the otp field, no value is in my clipboard. So pressing ctrl+v just pastes whatever I had in my clipboard already or nothing if I have not copied anything.

I am using Windows 10 and latest version of Firefox and Bitwarden firefox extension at current.

Works fine here. Do you see OTP in the extension? Maybe you have disabled “OTP auto-copy” in the Settings?

I also checked that it is not disabled. I tried the extension on two different computers and still got the same issue that does not work at all.


How are you autofilling? Autofill on page load will not auto-copy.

Hmm not sure I understood correctly. As you can see from my latest screenshot, I have enabled autofill on page load so the login info are autofilled on page load. Then I would like to have the extension to also autocopy the totp verification code. I believe that sgould be the “normal expected behaviour” otherwise I do not see the reason of having a password manager that should simplify things. In the “Disable automatic TOTP Copy” is not specified that the function will not work “on page load”.

Is it possible to change this in a future release? I just encountered this with Chrome. I thought something was wrong when OTP wouldn’t paste (given the default configuration didn’t require autofill by shortcut). I’d rather keep autofill on load, but can’t currently if I also want the ability to paste TOTP.