✅ Also copy TOTP code after autofill

I really like the autofill feature. I also really like that Bitwarden can generate and automatically copy the TOTP code. However when using autofill in the browser, the TOTP code won’t be copied to your clipboard. As I use 2FA on almost all sites, I almost always still need to open the extension and copy the TOTP manually. So most of the time even if it prefills I open the extension and click the login so the autofilled username and password get overwritten and the TOTP code is copied.

Would be really nice if autofill also copies the TOTP to the clipboard.

Thank you

I believe this is more of a bug, and should be in User-Support section. Because it’s not that the functionality isn’t there to copy the TOTP code, but instead it’s failing to copy it.

Or post it in the issues on there GitHub, would be a more appropriate area.


@Linto1960 - welcome! @Ablac is correct, this should be copying the TOTP code automatically. Please open an issue on GitHub and provide the steps to recreate, if possible.

For me it works like a charm in Vivaldi 3.1.1929.40 and Bitwarden extension 1.44.3.

After auto-filling the credentials with the keyboard shortcut (STRG + UMSCH + L) I’m able to paste the TOTP code by pressing STRG + V and be able to login correctly.

@DenalB The specific case i’m talking about is when using the “Enable auto-fill on page load” feature. On page load it will automatically fill login fields without copying the TOTP copy.

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Thank you @Ablac and @tgreer, I will create an issue on GitHub.

Thanks for clarifying. This wasn’t clear to me. :wink:

Now I got what you mean and was able to reproduce it. I don’t use auto-fill so I didn’t recognize this problem.

When opening a website with login fields I’m using STRG + UMSCH + L to fill in the credentials. 2FA code is automatically copied into the clipboard and I’m able to paste it with STRG + V into the 2FA field. This works fine.

BUT… After enabling auto-fill in the browser extension login fields are automatically filled with the credentials. But on the next site 2FA field is not filled automatically. And the shortcut STRG + V is not working because 2FA code is not copied into the clipboard. And that’s really a big problem I think!

So thank you for creating an issue on GutHub! :+1:

this is an issue to this topic :slight_smile: maybe this could be reopened instead of making a new one ?
otherwise this process will start over again :smiley:

e.g. closing issue and forwarding to the forums -> closing forum and forwarding to github

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Great idea! @tgreer? :wink:

Closed the other thread so we can focus on this one :slight_smile:

I had to read through them a couple of times to make sure we weren’t going to go in a loop!


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I have buy Premium and i use the in app totp. I have test with protonmail and its work but i get not a notification for a code and the Code will not Autofill. Is there no possibility that the code is entered automatically? I use Windows 10 with the latest Bitwarden Portable and the last Edge Chromium.

I only see the code here (see Screenshot).

Edit: I have found the problem here on this site:


TOTP codes will not automatically copy to the system clipboard when “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load” is enabled in the browser extension.
This is very bad. Why can not use Autofill and copy totp code? It would be better if the two worked together. It would at least be helpful if there was an icon where you could click on the input fields for user and passport and then it would be filled in instead of always clicking on the icon at the top of the extension. Roboform or KeepassXC have that.

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1Password handles this beautifully.

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You are absolutely right.
But hopefully it will be implemented or may be fixed (???) in Bitwarden too. :wink:

Just came across this issue on Github - if I were to submit a PR to add an option under ‘Auto fill’ to also ‘Copy TOTP after auto fill’, would it be considered to merge in?

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I believe so!

Can you create a topic with any relevant details here? https://community.bitwarden.com/c/github-contributions/

Cool, just did, thanks!

I was thinking this is intentional, and that was really weird. Glad it will be fixed soon as PR is almost cleared for merge.

I hope this gets implemented soon.