Keyboard Shortcut for copying TOTP

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I don’t know if there is already a shortcut in the desktop app to copy the totp token to clipboard, like your have CMD + P to copy the password to the clipboard.
I’m coming from KeepassXC and there is a shortcut “CMD+T” to copy the totp.

Maybe some other people think this would be nice :wink:

It would be nice if you can implement it if it isn’t already.

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The TOTP value is copied automatically. Whenever you fill the login credentials if there is a TOTP associated with the login it is automatically copied to the clipboard, so you can just paste it. That feature can be turned off in options, however it’s on by default.


Hi @domrocco! Welcome!

Like @DarkStar mentioned, there is a path for easy TOTP copy - and there is also a context menu option:

Ok found it. But that solution is not very handy in my opinion.
Better would be a Hotkey like i mentioned to copy only the totp…

I am craving a feature where the TOTP is copied automatically when auto-fill on page load is active. I find myself navigating into the extension for the TOTP every time. It’s one click more than disabling auto-fill and taking advantage of the existing auto-copy implementation but it’s still faster overall. Frustrating.

Still would be nice for those of us who don’t use browser extension

I would actually love to have this feature in the browser extension as well: to get the TOTP copied in the clipboard with the shortcut for the credentials is nice, but some websites require it more than once, or at a later time, and it would be nice not to have to open the popup, select, etc…

I like that when filling in the username and password using the Bitwarden browser extension, it automatically copies the current 2-Factor code into the clipboard.

However, I sometimes need to copy the 2FA code manually. This happens when the 2FA code expires in the meantime or for websites where I use Chrome to prefill the username and password and only use Bitwarden for the 2FA code.

Currently, copying the 2FA code for the current website requires clicking on the extension icon and then on the button to copy the code using the mouse. It would be very convenient to expose the functionality directly as a keyboard shortcut.

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