✅ Quick-copy TOTP code

Offer a button/context option for quickly copying the TOTP code for a a login without having to “view” it.

GitHub issue: TOTP copy icon in login list? · Issue #469 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

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I’m surprised this isn’t already an option. Every other password manager I’ve used has this.

Most of those other password managers have most likely been around a few years longer… :wink:

I noticed a couple of UI updates recently in the browser extension…hoping this is coming soon. I log into many sites with TOTP and although the auto-copy-to-clipboard works in many cases, frequently I end up having to look up the codes in the detail view. The process gets old quickly…

Any news regarding this feature?

The need for quick access to the copy feature would be significantly reduced if the auto copy-to-clipboard feature would copy the TOTP code again (once) if there hasn’t been a paste action after the current code has expired.

The automatic copy works fine for me most of the time, but sometimes the code got copied just before it expires, or a long page load causes the code to expire before being able to paste it. It would be much more convenient if Bitwarden would automatically refresh the code in clipboard.

So this was my thought on the UI for the TOTP.

Most of the time the TOTP field will have totp either in the input name or class, so it should be easily identifiable just like email and password fields.

TOTP are pretty much universally on their own page after the UN and PW fields have left the building and been handled. So why not once you detect the TOTP field and the user has an active TOTP for the site in question swap out either the username or PW icon for a spinning icon stacked with a counter on it counting down on the time. You click it, it copies the TOTP, no need to show the numbers or anything just a spinning icon with a countdown number layered on top of it.

When I think about this, it seems like all the logic to make everything I explained already exists to do one thing or another already so I think we are just talking modding some existing logic with the detecting of the fields to detect a TOTP and a conditional check for active TOTP in the vault matching the site which conditionally hides one icon for another.

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This is one of the features I’m most hopeful to see in 2019.

I must admit that copying TOTP takes time and is a bit “sluggish”.

However, auto-TOTP copy for me has worked fine for now…

For now, I believe you could use something else, such as Authy (as suggested by Bitwarden itself) to do that. We’ll just have to wait for Kyle’s time to do this.

One of the features that 1Password implemented very good and works fine so I guess Bitwarden could also do this. It’s a must have :hugs:

@Bob That already has been implemented to Bitwarden.
TOTP (if present) are copied to clipboard upon credential fill.

You can disable automatic TOTP code copy in the web browser by heading over to Settings > Options > Disable automatic TOTP copy

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When there is QR Code Scanner like 1Passowrd, it is convenient :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad:flushed: didn’t know that. With 1Password you get a notification when the TOTP code is copied to the clipboard and that doesn’t happen with Bitwarden so I thought it wasn’t working.

I bought premium expecting these feature to exist. Hoping the devs find time to add it before my subscription renews.

Please add a “Copy TOTP Code” button next to the “Copy Username” and “Copy Password” buttons. I often want to quickly get a TOTP code for a record I find in a search. (especially on mobile)


Yes, this would be very useful!

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I was actually surprised this was already implemented :sweat_smile:
Looking at this thread however I think I’m not alone – thus some UI improvement could be made like a notification when TOTP code is copied (similar to how 1Password deals with it :wink:)

+1 on implementing notification for when TOTP code is copied


Auto TOTP copy only works about 50% of the time for me. It would be nice to have a right click option or icon for quick access.

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