TOTP Autofill

Does Autofill for TOTP work? or is it just not implemented, I’m always having to go to the “Vault” tab in the extension and copying the 2FA token manually for the site I’m logging into.

When using auto fill for username and password, the totp code is copied to the clipboard so I only need to paste it in the input field.

Works for me on various browsers on Mac OS and Windows 10.

There is an option to disable it, so you you might want to check your settings.

Working fine for me also.

Still doesn’t work, tried 3 browsers

did you see the warning in this help note

WARNING: TOTP codes will not automatically copy to the system clipboard when “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load” is enabled in the browser extension.


I never use the auto-fill on page load feature, didn’t realise the OP must be using that setting.

Did you happen to find the solution? I’m still having the issue as well.
BTW - I’m on Pop! OS 20.10, a Linux distro.

TOTP auto-fill is not working for me either. It’s copied into the clipboard on click, but then I have to paste it manually into the page.

Google Authenticator does this automatically, why can’t Bitwarden?