Please add option to autofill TOTP code while autofill option on

Hello, I just purchased premium. Great program, I love the convivence it brings for the level of security.

I would like there to at least be an option to autofill TOTP code while autofill option is on. This would keep users who like the current setup happy while also being useful to users who value convivence like myself.

I see this feature as extremely needed on mobile, where it takes far longer to enter TOTP code.

Please correct me if I’m wrong and there’s already a way to autofill TOTP codes with username and pass autofill on. Thank you.

Good morning @wnelson03,

If a vault item has a TOTP it is copied to the clipboard, after the autofill has completed. So you can just paste it into the field once prompted. I agree not fully automated, but pretty darn good.

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yes, it surely beats getting my phone and typing it manually, though considering they autofill passwords, I don’t see the huge difference if they added capability for TOTP.

we’ll see. at first I was thinking the same thing you just said. though, when I thought about it more, I feel like most of the time I’m logging into somewhere, I have something else in my clipboard that I’m about to paste into whatever I’m using. such as an image or a string of some sort. so, this is the primary reason I think an autofill option for TOTP would be great.

Not a counter-argument, but just a note:

If you use autofill - at least with default settings - whatever you have in the clipboard is “overwritten” with the TOTP. So if you do not like this behavior you will have to deactivate this under SettingsOptions:


Disabling Automatic TOTP copy makes it even worse. then you have to manually copy and paste TOTP code each time. At the moment, I’d rather sacrifice anything in the clipboard than to have to copy it manually each time too.

There should either be an option to autofill TOTP code with autofill on, or a variable to reference TOTP code in a custom field. This may be a good way to keep it simple and not have too many options surrounding TOTP code.

Seamless autofill… will the dream come true?

Maybe :smirk:

A PR from our amazing community

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When autofill works, it manages to fill usernames and passwords but ignores authentication codes.

This addition would be a great to see.