Autofill of OTP's with Firefox extension?

When I was using Safari browser on my iMac and a third party website required a texted OTP, Bitwarden intercepted the OTP and allowed me to enter it in the required field of the website by just hovering over it and pasting. Loved it! For many reasons, I’ve now gone back to Firefox for my primary browser and the Bitwarder extension for Firefox seems to lack that useful feature.
In reading the option section, it appears that when an OTP is generated or detected, it is supposed to be copied to the clipboard but even that appears not to be happening. No, I do not have that feature disabled with a checkmark in the options section of the Bitwarden extension. Is there some way to make the Firefox extension emulate the Safari extension when it comes to intercepting and presenting OTP’s from websites?

The OTP items don’t copy if you have autofill on page load enabled. I believe that will be added in the next client release, though :slight_smile:

But for now, you’ll need to use the hotkeys (CMD+Shift+L) or the right-click menu to autofill an item for the OTP to be copied to the clipboard.

Thanks for the response, Trey. I rechecked the application and I don’t have autofill enabled. When a “fillable” sign in screen presents itself, I’ve been going to the small icon in the top right of the Firefox menu bar and clicking there to open the the saved sign on data and then right clicking there to fill in the data. Then when the program sends a OTP, are you saying there is another step to take to get BW to save that OTP to the clipboard and then paste into the required field?
In the Safari BW extension, when the OTP is texted, I can just hover the cursor over the blank OTP field, the texted digits show up and I click to paste. A wonderful feature I can’t seem to replicate with the Firefox extension. I see that a brand new Firefox was released today. Maybe that will resolve it?
Thanks again.

I have the same problem. It is still not resolved.

Thanks for a marvelous posting!

I just moved to BW from 1PW and use the chrome extension. Autofill in the extension in chrome is not disabled but there is no OTP copied to my clipboard. After a restart I would not be able to unlock my vault I guess?

Hi there! Have you tried remove and reinstalling the browser extension? You should be able to paste from the clipboard after using the keyboard shortcut to auto-fill credentials.

@bigfudge - Also make sure you have not disabled the BW feature to copy the OTP to the clipboard.


Jep, exactly my settings. But the re-install did the trick for me. Thanks everyone.