Bitwarden Should Expand Its Social Media Prescence (Odysee, Mastodon, Fediverse, etc.)

With the rise of people wanting to break free from Big Tech’s platforms, there are some really great alternatives that the Bitwarden team should look into for interacting with their customers, some of which will bring even more customers to Bitwarden.

For example, Odysee is a popular YouTube alternative that can do things that YouTube does. Odysee even allows synchronization with a YouTube channel, meaning if the Bitwarden team upload a video on its YouTube channel, it will automatically get copied to its Odysee channel.

There are plenty of more platforms that people can mention in the replies. I definitely think this will help Bitwarden as a company long term wise and helps build more trust with people.

Thank you for the suggestions!

We want to make sure any official channels we engage in have proper support and coverage from the Bitwarden team, so we have to choose very intentionally :slight_smile: