SQRL Identity

While SQRL is a new, and not yet found in the wild, it would be nice to get it on the radar.

As a user I should be able to create, import, and export SQRL Identities.

Related: https://github.com/Jaaap/SQRL

There are a few libraries for C# as well which would help integrate with the mobile apps and the core codebase, but unfortunately they all seem a bit out of date.

The SQRL spec and reference implementations seems to be getting finalized now, so maybe a good opportunity to see if a C# binding could be produced now.

Would BitWarden be open to a PR to integrate support if it were provided?

Update: If you haven’t already heard, SQRL has been finalized.

Yes I agree… If we can get this included… it would put Bitwarden ahead of others for a short time.

Support for this sooner than later would be excellent the idea of having a single factor authentication system that isn’t password username/variant authentication is ideal. Getting the hell away from this problem ASAP really needs dealt with and I really don’t want common metadata across all of my accounts anymore so the sooner the better!

Here’s a recent video presentation of the basics of SQRL

I would love for this to be integrated into Bitwarden, and hopefully it would help push other websites to start supporting it.