Login With Device using Apple Watch

Whilst i note that some members may say that the idea of developing the ability to unlock your vault with Apple Watch would detract from developers.I am still keen to hear from members on the merit of this feature request.

I am also keen to hear on the possible technical hurdles to such a proposal and i do think this at least deserves a vote.

How would it improve the user experience? I have an Apple Watch and love BW’s new TOTP codes app. I also have my phone set to automatically unlock my watch when I’m wearing it. My Bitwarden vault then automatically unlocks with FaceID. How would unlocking Bitwarden with Apple Watch improve this workflow?

I believe the request here would be to add functionality for the login with device feature in Bitwarden, to allow for approving passwordless login requests from an Apple Watch.


Yes that is exactly the idea behind the post. Thanks for simplifying my explanation.