Social login

Curious to know if there’s a plan to integrate social login for sites. You can think of this as a reminder to check which login was used by highlighting a particular box (eg: login with Google).

There’s a lot of people who’ll benefit from this feature. Check this thread for use cases:

I would also like this feature. I can never remember which account I used.

Here is a good way to handle this in the current implementation:

Create a login and enter the username as “(use XXXX login)” and do not populate the password. If you have more than one account (e.g. Google, etc.), you can add that info in the username as well (see my example below). This way the browser icon shows that there is a login entry available when visiting the site which reminds you which social login to use, but you don’t risk filling the credentials.

(Someone else will need to comment on whether it is possible to actually highlight the specific social login button, that’s outside my tecnical realm.)