Bitwarden doesn't work on some pages


Bitwarden doesn’t detect that some pages contain login fields. How to report such sites to Bitwarden developers?


Hi @Dodo - welcome!

To answer your question, you can add the website here:

Hopefully the folks at Bitwarden will eventually tweak things to recognize the site, although some website developers make it really hard with unconventional login pages (banks are a prime culprit).

In the meantime, you might also try creating some custom fields of your own for your Bitwarden login to see if that does the trick. Here is a help page describing how you might do that, if you are interested:

Thanks for the reply.
I just found out the page in question is using chrome login window. See screenshot.
Any solution to that?


With just a screen capture like that, hard to know.

But you might want to check out this thread - it may be relevant to your situation.

Take note of @tgreer’s response, especially.

Any suggestion for this issue I have also same problem. Thanks in advance.

Hard to know unless we can see the sites you are referring to.

For me, it’s torrent clients (rutorrent and transmision) login pages on
Using SRWare, a Chrome-based browser.

I have also the same problem. how I solve it any suggestion