Could someone here please identify why this login page is not able to autofill info from the Bitwarden Extension

Could someone here please identify, why the below login page is not able to autofill the manually saved login info from the Bitwarden chrome extension.

This is the login page: SHOONYA

I want to pass this thread to the developers of the above website, so they can incorporate the changes needed to make their website compatible with the Bitwarden password manager. Please advice here.


That looks like a really non-standard way of coding a form. There are no labels, IDs, names, etc. I’m not sure how Bitwarden would be able to work with that in its current form. They also prevent autocomplete in the form fields, which doesn’t help in terms of accessibility - it’s an attempt to prevent people using password managers.

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Thank you for checking that page and giving the feedback on the same.