Missing field at login.fidelity.com

Logins were failing at login.fidelity.com when auto-filling with the Bitwarden Chrome extension. I found that they worked when copying/pasting, so I took a look at the network requests, and I found that when using auto-fill, a field called ssn-visible was being set with my username in the request form, but the field ssn was blank. When filling in the username manually, both fields are set, so I assume Bitwarden should fill both fields with the username as well. Thanks!

You could create a custom field on this vault entry called “ssn” and add your username as the value.

Yeah, I’ve got workarounds, I was just offering this info in case Bitwarden wanted to fix the extension so that this site works for everyone. Is that something you all do, so I know for the future?

Sure - if you want the misbehaving site reported to the Bitwarden team, see below: