Not filling login fields when going to webpage login page

I am a new user. I imported data from roboform.

I : click bitwarden browser icon>enter name of site>click on site name> bitwarden goes to site and does nothing. doesn’t enter the un or email address or whatever the site is asking for. I have to manually go back to icon, manually copy paste from data.

or click again on the site name and maybe it fills, or maybe not.:

or, I am at a site and want to login. the un/email field is on the screen. I click on the bitwarden icon, which displays name of webpage, click on webpage name> nothing happens. no fill in.

I have 'auto fill on page load ’ option checked.

any ideas about what the problem may be?

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To troubleshoot your issue, it may help if you specify which operating system you are using, what browser you are using, and what the version number is of the browser extension (Settings > About).

If you are using a browser extension and you have enabled Autofill on Page Load, then the problem is either in the URL matching or in the field matching.

In the Bitwarden icon shown in your browser bar, do you see a badge counter (showing 1 or another number, indicating how many login items are matched to the current webpage)? If no, the problem is with URL matching; if yes, then the problem is with field matching.

In either case, please provide one example URL of a webpage where you are experiencing this problem. It would also help if you opened the edit screen for the corresponding login item in your vault, and took a screenshot of all settings — please post this screenshot after redacting any private information.

sorry for not including that info:

win10, updated yesterday. Vivaldi browser, extension: 2022.10.1

as for url matching. I try the same passcard which was just imported into bitwarder, in roboform, on the other computer, works fine.
yes, i see number of login items in the icon.

i just now typed gmail into bw search, 9 items come up. i pick one, click on the ‘launch’ icon, gmail login in window appears but nothing is entered. have to go back to bw, click on the gmail account again> un filled in, but i have to click ‘next’ to move to next page, where bw fills in the pw. I then have to click next again to actually login. lots of clicks.

at another site, i search, bw takes me to the page. this site required clicking on ‘login’, to bring up login window. I do this, bw fills in un/pw, but i have to manually click ‘sign in’ to actually effect the login.

other sites I am trying require similar clicking. But at least bw is filling fields in now. since I wrote the original post i have rebooted computer.

as for saving logins, I had saved the login for the forum when i first posted, but didn’t find it when coming back to write this reply. I filled in manuall, but bw didn’t offer to save the login. is there a setting for turning on "offer to save new logins (or changes to logins)?

does bw normally require so much clicking to effect a login

Let’s stop here. At this point in the process, do you see the badge counter with a number equal to 1 or greater (in the browser address bar)? It should look something like this:

If you do see a badge counter, then the problem is with the field identifiers. Edit the vault item, scroll down to “CUSTOM FIELDS”, change the default “New Custom Field” type from Text to Linked, then click the + symbol to create the new custom field. Set the field name to identifierId, and change the linked value from “Password” to “Username”. Then click the “Save” button top right. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll also need to create a second linked custom field, which should have the name Passwd and be linked to “Password”.


This is normal. Auto-fill does not auto-submit, as this would be a security vulnerability.


If your vault items are properly configured, and if the login pages are properly coded, then you shouldn’t have to do any clicking (other than submitting the login form).

yes i see badge counter. bw can figure out to enter the pw but not the email address.
will i have to create custom fields for all 9 gmail entries? and an unknown number of other logins will need adjustments of various types?

sounds like the export / import process from roboform needs some work. a typical problem in moving data to different software, which keeps one captive.

as for auto-submit being a security vulnerability: this is up for discussion. However, for me, i have gotten used to clicking on a login choice being sufficient for taking me to a page and logging me in. There are an increasing number of sites that have un/pw on separate pages. having to help my password manager through the process is not appealing.

and then there is the issue of bw not asking me about saving the login to this forum. Or not asking about saving the new login when the login page is a different url than what is in bw . Is there a setting i am supposed to click to make this happen?

To auto-fill the email, you need to create a custom field named identifierId that is linked to your Username, as I explained above. Yes, you have to do this for all gmail login items.

It is not the multi-page login that is the problem. Problems are created when the web page designers choose nonstandard names (like IdentifierId) for the identifiers of input fields in their web form, instead of standard choices (like Username, Email, User, Password, etc.).

Setting > Options > Ask to Add Login

thanks for suggestion re: gmail.

‘ask to add login’, and ‘ask to update existing login’ are already checked.

i still have to enter login manually to get into this forum. bw still hasn’t recorded it. or modified other site where the login page url has changed.

Hey there, just confirm, have you disabled your browser’s native ability to manage credentials?

This has been buggy for me as well. I use brave v 1.44.112 and bitwarden v 2022.10.1

I was just registering at and it didn’t record the login though (luckily) 1Password did and while the username wasn’t saved I still have the password (most important to me)
I was in the checkout process to download a theme and on this screen:

Looks like they use the “name” as the username. This is the password field:

<input type="password" name="d25a3c30d3f00f9b78add5625066bebc" class="textCtrl OptOut" id="ctrl_d25a3c30d3f00f9b78add5625066bebc" placeholder="Password" autocomplete="off">

Not sure if it is the “name” field not being “password” or what.

I also had this happen on my own site:
I had to login, save the password to 1Password, and then log out and copy the password from 1Password and then login again by manually pasting and THEN it asked to save.

The saving has been buggy on any browser I’ve used though and been like that since I started using BW a year ago.

yes, in vivaldi. ‘save webpage passwords’ is Not checked. i am not seeing any offers, from any software to save un/pw

I have been using roboform. any time i fill in any field on a web page it asks if i want to save it as passcard or form, or ‘don’t ask any more for this site’.

The “Ask to Add Login” feature is known not to work on all websites.

A more reliable method (which works for both the Brivium site and the CodingHelp site) is to start by creating a new login item in the browser extension (click “Add a Login”), then enter your username, generate a password, and click Save. Then use auto-fill (Ctrl+Shift+L) to automatically complete the account registration form. On the two examples that you gave, you would also have to create a custom text filed named Email, because the forms ask for both a Username and an Email.