Bitwarden and keychain

Hi, I’m not at all good with computers so I apologise if the answer is already on the forum; I’m not sure what I should be looking for. I’ve been using Bitwarden on my MacBook without issue for a few months when suddenly the extension icon went black and white instead of blue and stopped working. I haven’t been able to figure out why. I opened the app instead, and have been manually cutting and pasting passwords into Safari, which is cumbersome. I decided to restart the app today, but when it opened, I keep getting the message “bitwarden wants to use your confidential information stored in bitwarden in your keychain”. I’ve been typing in my master password but it doesn’t work, and I can’t think what else it might be asking for. It goes away once I open Bitwarden. But is this lacking keychain login the reason the extension no longer works? Any ideas at all???

If you click on the icon inside your browser to open the BW extension, does a window or prompt appear? It sounds like you have been logged out and you simply need to login to BW again to continue.

Regarding the password issue with the desktop app, I am not sure what is happening. But you definitely do NOT want to store your BW master password in your Apple keychain.