Just changed master password and forgot to save password

Hi, I just did something dumb. I generated a new master password with the password generator in the Bitwarden iOS but forgot to save it. I was changing the password on the website. I then was immediately logged out of the IOS app. Now I don’t know the password. I tried logging into the app with a different Bitwarden account but the app now has the error “ An error has occurred.

One or more URLs saved in the Settings are incorrect. Please revise it and try to log in again.” I don’t think my Mac’s Chrome Browser with the Bitwarden extension has been connected to the internet or my iPad with the Bitwarden app.

If you are still logged in on another device you might be able to help yourself. But one of the key security benefits of BW is that no one but you has access to your vault and no one but you has access to your MP, period. Of course that also means that not knowing your MP is fatal and that you are responsible for always following the proper backup procedures for storing/changing your MP.

:warning:    Don’t connect these back to the internet — keep the devices disconnected rom the internet and check if you are able to unlock the browser extensions or apps on those devices. If yes, then create an unencrypted (plain text) JSON export from the app that was most recently used (or create an export from each app, if you’re unsure of which one was used most recently).

You are most likely going to have to create a whole new Bitwarden account, so the exports will help you recover some of the passwords that were stored in your vault. Not perfect, but better than losing everything.

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Hi Markus,

I just did the same thing as you while I was updating my master password on my android phone. I had copied the new password and luckily I had the option to look at the clipboard. Lo and behold the new password was still on the clipboard. Maybe you could try this.


Thanks for Posting. I was able to export Valut and make a new account

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If you have/had attachements in your (old) vault, make sure to save them manually while you still can, because an export doesn’t include attachments!

This is normally good advice, but in OP’s case, they are unlikely to be able to download their attachments, because if they connect any of their Bitwarden client apps to the internet, the app will be logged out as soon as it makes contact with the server. The attachment files are not cached locally, unfortunately, so they couldn’t be saved without connecting to the internet, either.

Oh, thanks - I didn’t know that!
Good to know!
That’s a bit unfortunate, exports don’t containing attachment files and in “offline”-mode no chance to get access to them either…

Makes me even more think about the (general) export function… I don’t know the full discussion on this… to incorporate attachments into an (one) export file may be too complicated. But to add all single attachment files to an export would be great to prevent (or at least mitigate) situations like that. (or alternatively: maybe a one-click-action “download/export all attachments from your vault” as single files - or maybe one zip-file?!)

There is an active Feature Request, and I believe there is at least one third-party solution based on the CLI: