Bitwarden Apple Keychain Dual Setup

Hey all, I am a tech novice so forgive me for everything that follows…

I’ve previously used Apple Keychain to manage all of my passwords. Recognizing there are some native Apple functions as well as wifi/network passwords that Keychain handles (and Bitwarden cannot, or at least integration not as good) I was thinking I’d keep both password managers active. The idea is to use Bitwarden for website passwords and apps, and then Apple as a backup and to fill in the gaps where Bitwarden functionality isn’t as good. Does anyone do this currently?

Any thoughts on best practices to set this up? I would like to sync my Bitwarden and Apple Keychain, which may just involve exporting Bitwarden and adding that to Keychain - ensuring duplicates are handled appropriately.

Is this whole exercise just asking for trouble? Otherwise, how do you all

  1. deal with wifi passwords that are not saved in Bitwarden - as far as I know-, and
  2. back up you Bitwarden vault?


Bumping this to the top… if anyone has advice or likes their setup using Bitwarden and Keychain, it would be great to hear what you are doing. Cheers and happy holidays!

Bumping this to the top for you. I have had trouble finding any resources on the topic so I suspect that automating this workflow is going to take quite a bit of effort.

@David_Sperber have you had any findings since originally posting this?