Import from Mac Keychain to Bitwarden

Hi all,
Is there anyway to import from iCloud Keychain to Bitwarden? I couldn’t find in import help section of Bitwarden.

Apple doesn’t allow you to export the passwords from iCloud Keychain. It sucks but you’ll have to do it manually.

One way to work around this is to install the Bitwarden extension and then use iCloud Keychain to login to each site (assuming you don’t have many). Bitwarden will ask you to save the login each time.

Hey Met,
It’s kinda hard to do that as you guessed I’ve more than 200 pass over Keychain.but I found a way around to get this

Followed this instructions that provided for 1 password, there is a script that extract passed from Safari and makes them as CSV file.then converts this file to 1 password supported file then I uploaded 1 password file to Bitwarden to extraction.
Edit: if Bitwarden dev. team could add that kind of script to their extraction guide for Safari, would be more easier for people who uses Mac to find

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@kspearrin Something for you to consider?