Import from Mac Keychain to Bitwarden

Hi all,
Is there anyway to import from iCloud Keychain to Bitwarden? I couldn’t find in import help section of Bitwarden.

Apple doesn’t allow you to export the passwords from iCloud Keychain. It sucks but you’ll have to do it manually.

One way to work around this is to install the Bitwarden extension and then use iCloud Keychain to login to each site (assuming you don’t have many). Bitwarden will ask you to save the login each time.

Hey Met,
It’s kinda hard to do that as you guessed I’ve more than 200 pass over Keychain.but I found a way around to get this

Followed this instructions that provided for 1 password, there is a script that extract passed from Safari and makes them as CSV file.then converts this file to 1 password supported file then I uploaded 1 password file to Bitwarden to extraction.
Edit: if Bitwarden dev. team could add that kind of script to their extraction guide for Safari, would be more easier for people who uses Mac to find

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@kspearrin Something for you to consider?

I know this thread is a little dated but I have tried doing this. I have installed the Bitwarden extension in Safari but I still don’t get any prompts to save the passwords.

Could you describe your workflow? What steps did you take and what are you seeing at each step?

Does BW never show up, or only not if populated by iCloud Keychainn?

In the past if i was using safari in macOS i would get a popup when creating a new password asking if i wanted to save the password in bitwarden. This stopped working a while back and i decided to troubleshoot the problem this morning. when i checked i realized that the bitwarden extension was no longer installed in safari for some reasons i reinstalled if from the app store. Its installed now and set to allowed on all websites but still doesn’t work. i don’t get any prompt at all when entering passwords that aren’t in the bitwarden database.

This also isn’t working in iOS version.

Hey Man, I had your problem. Check my previous post. There is link to 1password website which you download script.follow their procedures. With that script you can extract your passwords that saved in safari to csv file,then you have to convert that csv file to 1password suppoerted file, then you can upload that file to bitwarden. (Should upload that file to bitwarden website)
Not:that script is kinda old I’m not sure new Safari would support or maybe gives you warning)

I appreciate the reply but I was looking for a solution that I wouldn’t have to use every time I create a new password. Honestly, I think it would be easier to copy and paste the new passwords into Bitwarden than it would be to run this script every time. I really think that the auto save option should be a standard feature. I know it was with 1Password until they got greedy.

Oh, now I understand your problem, well the system with Bitwarden works differently. Whenever you want to create a new username and password on a website on safari you should open bitwarden extension while your on that website sign up page then click on “+” in bitwarden extension which there you create your username and password and save it. When you click on newly created username from extention it will auto fill the form to sign up page
I can take sime screen shots to show what I mean if u need
I know it’s kinda cringe to do that way but it’s free and open source which I appreciate that

I can open Bitwarden and create login credentials at any time, no extension needed. What does the extension do? I thought it was used to monitor Safari.

Hey man,sorry for delay,it’s been a busy day. well you have been missing the important can create and auto fill you passwords with extension. I’ll try to explain with pictures

when you are in sign up page. open extension and create your username and pass there . after you saved click on your username it will auto fill into sign up page to create a new account

when you are in sign in page again click on extension and select your newly creted username and will auto fill for you.