Using Bitwarden Firefox Extention without Master Pass Enabled

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using iCloud Keychain before Bitwarden to sync passes. iCloud Keychain always auto fill or auto generate passes in Mac Safari without asking your iCloud(or your mac) pass. Now it’s been a while I’ve been using Bitwarden (I’m leaving Mac eco system! YAY me (-_-) ). My question is, am i safe to disable Bitwarden master pass in Firefox extension to not retype password to unlock Bitwarden after each browser restart? I live alone & no one has access to my laptop physically.I mean am I safe from internet eyes? sorry if this is a noob question, but I’m kinda uneducated in privacy & security info.
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If you click the plugin -> Settings -> Lock Options you can adjust when bitwarden locks to your vault.

I don’t believe there will be a way to fully remove the master pass, as KeyChain is built into the OSX it’s a slightly different system that authenticates you when you log into the computer.

Hello @Ablac
Thank you for the help but I guess I explained my self wrong, I mean Bitwarden has Vault Password and you have to type the password to be able to use bitwarden Firefox after each browser restart, my question is if I disable the option to not bitwarden firefox ask its vault password and use it passwordless is safe for me? I live alone in the house so if its safe from internet eyes i dont want to type my vault password each browser restart to get acess bitwarden

Ah! Your computers is as safe as you make It technically. The internet is unpredictable. If you leave your vault unencrypted and if somebody gains remote access they could potentially have access to your passwords. Now realistically, chances of a hacker targeting you directly is pretty rare, and your biggest threat to your password security would be friends/family/others coming over to the house.

It is not recommended to leave the vault open, but there’s no right or wrong answer to your question haha, it just depends on your setup and situation.

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Thank you for your time thats nice info to know,