Better Search Result in Vault / comprehensive search

Issue : I have hundreds of accounts in Bitwarden, a good part of them are related to the same @gmail account.
(you may have one password per account, you don’t have one email adress per account)

So, when I just want to login my @gmail account, I have to scroll down through all these account related to the same email adress and I never find my credentials at first sight… Scroll down, scroll up, actually reading credentials, then I find it.

The reason : the search bar only search for login/username. It never search any other element (name, note, or folder).
Then it sorts the results by alphabetical order of the entries name, and there’s no way to sort them otherwise.

Feature function

  • Allow better search (comprehensive search) related to the context : if I click a “Connect with Google button” Bitwarden should show me Google accounts first.
    It should be the same if I’m looking for a note, a username, an entry’s name

Ease of use, less frustration, avoid disruptive manipulation and keep focusing on our actual task

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature ?
    Don’t seems to

  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful ?
    Twitter. Any keyword in Twitter maybe related to an account, a hashtag, or media content.

Hi Pascal it’s a good practice to rename the Name field which gets prefilled with the base url if you use the safe prompt.
This way you can organize multiple accounts for the same service/website and only have to remember the site you use these credentials with. You then can see only your accounts, for that site with the ( changed) naming for a better overview in both the extension button or the context menu

While it does not change the way the search works (username / name fields) it is much easier and quicker to find the login you’re looking for

In addition Bitwarden’s search is more fully-featured than it appears at first glance. The way it’s designed, you can actually use SEO hacking tricks for your preferred items :sweat_smile:

Besides that, Bitwarden supports account switching now. You may want to migrate those out so as to increase your security.

One of the things I find really annoying about using Bitwarden is that the sorting algorithm for returned search results is so dumb. Here’s an example to show what I mean:

A lot of sites [ironically, this is one too] will allow you to use your Google / Twitter FB / account to sign in. Now, if I’m visiting one of those sites and choose to login with Google, I have to use the search in the Bitwarden popup to find my Google login, because the site I’m visiting isn’t on a Google domain.

I have a couple of Gmail accounts saved in Bitwarden as ‘<accountname> - Gmail’. However, when I search for ‘Gmail’ [even using upper case], Bitwarden returns search results for the hundreds of sites where I’ve signed up with Gmail and therefore my username is ‘<somename>’. I have to scroll through all of these every time to find the login details for my actual Gmail account, so I can copy my password.

Bitwarden should prioritise search results matching the name of the site and/or the title I have given the saved login over the username I login to the site with [especially when this an email address or the same username I use across dozens of sites]