✅ Advanced vault searching

Right now the search is pretty basic, as well as inefficient performance wise. Index the vault with a search utility like Lunr.js , which would also offer more complex search queries such as “search notes for” and “search by wildcard”, etc.

GitHub Issues:

Excellent. Regex search criteria wouldn’t be bad to add to this too, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re a Windows user, but there’s a freeware called “Everything” from voidtools that allows you to search anything on your computer with a lot of search criteria. I recommend you to take a look on it if you want to know more about these features.
I use it very often, and it’s pretty handy to handle bulk files and other things.
It doesn’t look up inside text documents and files, but finding by name is already a good feature.

In addtion to your feature, searching within notes texts would be certainly a good idea. I use that on LastPass too.

Side note: I didn’t migrate from LP just yet for some issues, but I’ll do very soon as long as BW improves features, which I’m placing high bets that it will overcome many other password managers easily. :grin:


I would like to see search always search all fields, including notes.


Searching the content of notes would be fantastic. It’s what’s keeping me from migrating my notes from Google Keep to Bitwarden.


I second this!!! Please, it is very important.


I also request support for searching through the notes field. I used to store a lot of searchable text, like tags or alternative names for a service in this field on LastPass and simply can’t switch to bitwarden, until this is also possible here.

Thanks to everyone, who supports this project!


I too am anxiously awaiting this feature. It is the ONLY thing keeping me away right now.

I simply have too many notes and I must be able to search them.

(Trying to keep topic alive)

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I use Notes and custom filed to populate IPs and other host related info.
Would be great to have search results from them!

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Also searching in passwords would be useful:
I (and I assume many others) used the same password for many websites in the past. It would be useful to search for “old” passwords (or parts of passwords) that appear in multiple entries, to see what sites use the same password. This would help in changing all obsolete passwords with new random passwords.


LP has a nice special feature for this, I think called “security check” or similar. It will find entries with duplicate passwords, and also any inherently insecure ones. Would be a good addition to BW.


This feature/thread seems to be about ‘just’ search for existing items, especially searching ‘deeper’, not just names or urls.

@rggjan Your suggestion seems closer to this feature: Vault item modification history

@RickJ Your suggestion seems closer to this feature: Duplicate removal tool/report (though there’s no mention of ‘quality’ checks for password, so might be worth adding there).

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@eskela I don’t agree. My use case is for passwords I had set before using bitwarden, so they never changed and wouldn’t appear in the modification history…


As another use case other than passwords, searching all URIs would be really useful…

For example:
My login for “google.com” also works for “gmail.com”. When having this entry in bitwarden:



Searching for “gmail” should also show this entry, but does not currently.


@rggjan Ooo, I see. I misunderstood your earlier comment. :+1: I changed all my passwords as I was adding them to my (first) password manager, so this scenario didn’t ‘click’ in my head. :sweat_smile:

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I’m also strongly supporting the “search everywhere” functionality. Including notes, custom field values, custom field names, hidden fields, and passwords.

Maybe even attachments.

This would make Bitwarden way more useful for me and even extend its useabilitiy for note keeping and as an addressbook (contact information).

A powerful search is a lot better than having to organize your notes and logins in some way.


I would like to express my vote on this as well. We moved lots and lots of different items into BitWarden and my corworkers started to complain almost on a daily basis, that they now need additional time to actually find the item they search for.

At the moment, we use a naming scheme like this for our items in the collections:


Even though we try to keep this scheme consistent across all collections, some users added a dash or an additional second whitespace on accident and it makes the whole search fail because of it.

We would be really happy if the search functionality could improve so it has a full-text scope like 1Password or even just simple operators to control the behaviour of the search.

Many thanks!


For me searching in notes and other fields is also absolutely essential!


Also really need this. Keep a lot of information in notes and not being to search for it really reduces functionality in a product that does so much right.


Agree that this is an essential feature


This feature is that important to me, I even created an account here just to tell you about it!
Seriously - I’ve been testing Bitwaren for my private use, but this feature is a dealbraker.

You get this sorted, I’ll sign up my company with 12 users for a business plane and also upgrade my personal account to Premium.

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