Search by password

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Is there a way to search all the websites that I’m using one specific password?
Might be useful on cases when a password gets leaked (Collection #1-#5) and you still using some not so secure passwords.


LastPass will find a search string if it’s in any password field. I find password search extremely convenient. Bitwarden’s search library doesn’t index the password field. I think it should be made to. The additional implementation effort is essentially zero, so this is really just a policy question.

Is there any security downside to indexing it?

this could be a useful feature given the rise in phishing emails using credentials from data breaches. as for security, a password search could be protected by the master password (as is ‘export’) since it’s equivalent of exporting and greping the vault.

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This is really needed. Can someone from BitWarden reply and at least let us know if this is even being considered.

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I store also Software licences (serial numbers and CD-Keys) in KeePass and today I found a CD paper case with a CD-Key on it (but not the CD).
Glad that in KeePass I can search for passwords as well, so I found out the software product and now I can search for the CD.

Did I mention that my desk is a mess at the moment?