Search result items should include folder (path)

In the capture below, note that there is no context available for any of the logins shown. We store SSIDs, local domain logins, local webserver logins, etc., all in their own folders, for hundreds of different devices. How is one to know what ‘PPGS - Security Cameras’ is for - the configuration SSID, or the webserver login?

Including the type of login in the name is a workaround, but not a solution - this is exactly what folders and tags are for.

I would request that the entire path be shown, but Bitwarden currently only supports a single folder level anyway, which is its own issue (that I’ve already voted on).


I desperately agree with this. The search-results list is both the most-used yet least-useful part of the Bitwarden UI.

I’d like to see some preferences controlling primary and secondary sort order of results and folder information showing up along with result titles.

Current design leads to exactly what lbodnyk refers to - having to duplicate folder information in item titles as a crappy workaround.

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I’d love to see this as a feature. I’m looking at migrating from a different solution over to Bitwarden and this is a large hurdle. We have multiple clients and we have some of the same things for each client (Domain Admin, Firewall, etc). The solution we’ve been using included the folder path in the search results. So when you searched for something, the folder structure would indicate which one you were looking for. Without that, I don’t see a way for us to make this migration. I’m not interested in renaming hundreds of entries as a workaround.

We use bitwarden in a professional environment and this feature would greatly improve the UX in a day-to-day usage.

A UI-Suggestion for the Search Results, that tries to be in-line with the current UI (at least for browser and mobile):

This is a daily pain point for me too!

+1 - I’m coming from Keepass2 and needed a team solution. On Keepass2 I had this and here I’m really missing this every day.

This would be realy nice. +1

+1 for this, also, subfolders are possible now:

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I’m only using bitwarden personally, and I too really need this feature! This shouldn’t be difficult to implement, why is it still waiting after almost 2 years?

We use Bitwarden extensively.
Moving in from Keepass, the data is all over the place.
Would very much appreciate to know where stuff is.

+1 From me. It’s hard to believe how long this request has been open.

Desperately need this too, as migration from KeePass left multiple items with the same name but in different folders, eg. for every customer. Now when seaching you don’t know what item to use and you have to click them all open to see the folder info.

I don’t understand why this isn’t part of the basic GUI requirements and why it takes this long to implement. Are there certain number of minimal votes necessary?

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The topic was opened in June 2018 and only 23 votes were given. So it seems that this is not a feature a lot of people want to have.

Yes, could we have the folders more navigatable, please? Examples:

  • when filtering/searching - please give us a “Locate” option on an item to take us to its folder
  • when editing an item - the folder area could have a “Go to” link in the header

I know that these options make little to no sense when you just browse your vault, but they are gold when filtering/searching (which is actually how we most use password managers, right?)

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The topic was opened in June 2018 and only 23 votes were given. So it seems that this is not a feature a lot of people want to have.

I wouldn’t overestimate a forum or a publicly available bug tracker as an input platform and a reliable measurement. No one promised democracy in product development :slight_smile: Is anyone from BitWarden following the discussions here? :slight_smile:

Indeed we are :wink:

Fantastic! Could please tell us:

  • Would the discussed feature provide value for the product?
  • Where do you place 28 votes on the scale - what does it tell you? Is it a lot or is it like “ok, let’em talk”?
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Personally, I think this is a good idea, and I doubt anyone would argue that this would be an improvement.

If you want to see where this request ranks relative to all the other requests out there, this page shows feature requests sorted by decreasing number of votes. I glean two things from this page: first, there are a LOT of feature requests - enough to keep the devs busy for years and years and years, so obviously requests need to be prioritized; second, this one is going to need a lot more support for it to rise up the priority list, unfortunately.

Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums

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Thanks, @nutondev & @dh024!

Voting gives us an idea of interest, but it isn’t the complete driving force of our roadmap. The team is doing lots of work with UI currently, so these types of requests can get more attention, not necessarily based on votes :slight_smile:

Would love to see this implemented – for me, it’s probably the biggest thing missing from Bitwarden. The OP gives the use case exactly; with similar credentials stored in different folders, we shouldn’t need to include the folder name in the item name in order to make sense of search results.