Improve search function

Feature name:

Currently Bitwarden’s search function is too simple.

Feature Description

For example, I have 20 gmail accounts, each time I want to get password for an account, there is no easy way to search for it. If I enter “gmail my_name”, it should show gmail with name of my_name on the top of the list, not by some random order it currently is.

Clients / Repos Affected:

At least chrome extension and mobile.

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q4/2020

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Hi @hieptran, welcome to the forums. Have you tried using Lunr search queries to narrow your search results? See the documentation here: It’s a bit of extra typing but it looks really powerful and flexible.

For example, in your situation, you could search for >+name:*gmail* +my_name. This would return all logins that have gmail in their name (wildcard match) AND which have my_name in any of the indexed fields (exact match). You could make the search wider or narrower as you like. Would this solve your issue?