Improve search function

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Currently Bitwarden’s search function is too simple.

Feature Description

For example, I have 20 gmail accounts, each time I want to get password for an account, there is no easy way to search for it. If I enter “gmail my_name”, it should show gmail with name of my_name on the top of the list, not by some random order it currently is.

Clients / Repos Affected:

At least chrome extension and mobile.

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q4/2020


Hi @hieptran, welcome to the forums. Have you tried using Lunr search queries to narrow your search results? See the documentation here: It’s a bit of extra typing but it looks really powerful and flexible.

For example, in your situation, you could search for >+name:*gmail* +my_name. This would return all logins that have gmail in their name (wildcard match) AND which have my_name in any of the indexed fields (exact match). You could make the search wider or narrower as you like. Would this solve your issue?

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Hi, can you give me an example. This is my account. I have tons of account with the same name of, I want to search for google account name of “admin”.

Anyway, I can use this syntax for now but it’s not user friendly at all.

@eliykat hi, can you give me an example please?

Indexed Fields

The following fields from items in your vault are indexed and are searchable:

  • shortid - First 8 characters of the item’s id.
  • organizationid - Id of the item’s organization (if it belongs to one).
  • name
  • subtitle - Login username, card brand + last four, and identity name.
  • notes
  • fields - Name and value. Only “text” type field values are included.
  • attachments - File name
  • login.username
  • login.uris - Only the URI’s hostname value.

Wildcard Searches

The asterisk character (*) provides the ability to perform wildcard searches in your vault. Examples:

  • *bitwarden
  • bitwarden*
  • *bitwarden*
  • *bit*war*den*


The following fields automatically include leading and trailing wildcards while performing normal search queries:

  • name
  • subtitle
  • login.uris

It is not necessary to provide wildcards if you are searching for information in these fields.

Advanced Searches

Starting your search query with a greater than character (>) enables the full power of Lunr search queries.

Advanced Search Examples

  • >bitwarden* - Search all fields for a term that starts with “bitwarden”.
  • >notes:something - Search the notes field for the term “something”.
  • >login.username:jsmith - Search the username field on items of type login for the term “jsmith”.
  • >+organizationid:* - Search for all items that belong to an organization.
  • >-organizationid:* - Search for all items that do not belong to an organization (items that you own).
  • >+foo bar -baz - Search for items that must contain “foo”, might contain “bar” and must not contain “baz”.

Learn more about writing advanced search queries using Lunr’s searching guide.

Just search >login.username:admin

I would add the following to @vachan’s suggestion to narrow your search to google only:



>login.username:admin name:*google*

Sorry for the naive question: how do I search entries by custom field? For example, if I have a custom field named ‘Email’, how do I find entries matching a particular value in that field?

As of currently you cannot

In the latest update to the chrome plugin (within the last few days), it seems the search is defaulting to something less than “wildcard.” for example, I used to be able to type:

gmail bobsmith and the exact entry I would need popped up. It found gmail from URI or title, and it found bobsmith from username field.

Now, i do this and it finds absolutely nothing.

Search functionality definitely should be improved.
Having some search filters or advanced search in order to get the results from all text fields in the Vault would really simplify managing databases.

Looks like this thread should be moved to Feature Requests

Although I switched to 1Password, but searching is the function that you guys must improve. The searching is very essential function and I use this very often, this should be done if users type several letters, instead of users have to write the correct syntax to have a simple search result.

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I absolutely agree! For example when I search for Netflix and type „Net“, the first result is Amazon… In fact Netflix is the seventh entry and none of the other ones begin with „Net“. That is one messed up search algorithm :upside_down_face:

It should be enough to type „Ne“ to get a list of all the vault items that begin with „Ne“. At least that’s how I understand and use a search function. Maybe I’m spoiled, but it usually takes less than two seconds to find anything on my iPad with Spotlight. Can’t be that hard to get it right for a few logins.