Best Practices after Bitwarden Installation

I use Firefox and Chrome across several devices and have installed and exported all website login passwords into Bitwarden. From this point forward should requests to Save Logins be disabled in both browsers and should passwords be deleted from each? Thanks for the help-mark


That’s a smart move, imho. Since you’re going to start gathering and storing your data into Bitwarden’s web vault, I guess that storing your passwords on FF and Chrome are no longer needed.
That is, if you don’t want to be bothered by being asked to save new logins on each platform every time you make changes. I honestly wouldn’t bear it, because it would be very annoying to save each thing on each platform.
Password saving re-prompts are such a pain for me. And that’s another thing where LastPass falls short.

Bitwarden looks reliable for me for all means. Besides it’s open-source, the devs are really kind and helps us when needed (and that’s a possible cause, ofc). I just didn’t fully migrate from LP to it for laziness and some other features that haven’t been implemented yet. But I intend to do it soon.

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I have to say I’ll continue using firefox sync for now as it offers a lot more features than just password storage, so if I’m using it I may as well use it for passwords too… BW is for other items (in my case).