Umm .. Now what do I do?

I installed Bitwarden on my Samsung phone, and on my laptop. I downloaded a CSV export template and created a Bitwarden import file, which I successfully imported. I added the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extensions.

Now what do I do? I’m not trying to sound stupid but do I delete/remove any saved passwords in the browsers? Then do I turn-off password saving in the browsers? And what happens after that when I go into a website that I have imported? Will I be prompted for my master password on the first entry? What about subsequent entries after shut-down and restart?

For better security disable any password manager that your browsers have and remove any saved passwords there. Let Bitwarden handle all of your passwords.

Bitwarden will ask you for your master password then it will unlock its vault. After that you can use any logins entered there.

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Just to add to what @Naxterra said, you can set your browser extensions to automatically lock you out after a period of time or when the browser is restarted. I recommend logging into the extension when you first open your browser and set it to require unlocking on browser restart. That way, your passwords will all be available while you’re using your browser and you’ll only have to enter your master password when you first open the browser.