Migrating from Firefox Sync + google account to bitwarden - what do I need to know?

I am migrating from using Firefox sync (for Firefox) and a google Account (for Chrome) to Bitwarden (vault.bitwarden.com) as my ‘common’ login accounts / passwords vault, so I can share account / login info between FF and Chrome. But I can’t find guidelines for what to do with the FF Sync and Google Account settings for password management.

For example, Should I turn off password sync for FF Sync/Google account once the Bitwarden vault is populated with my browser acount login data? Also, once the vault is populated should I then delete the local in-browser (FF and Chrome) account / password data so Bitwarden can take over management of this, or is that not necessary?

Sorry to ask what seems an obvious question - I just can’t find an answer anywhere, and don’t want to screw this up …

Hello @Ian_Graham - welcome to the community forums!

I think that most people switch all of their logins over to Bitwarden to ensure their management of credentials is straightforward. Some do leave their less important logins in the browser’s password manager, rather than migrating them to Bitwarden, but it does sometime create some confusion about the source of the credentials and which app is auto-filling the passwords. You also have to be absolutely certain that you don’t have duplicate credentials stored in Bitwarden and the browser’s password manager, because that can lead to some serious frustration (speaking from personal experience).

And no, there is no reason to delete your stored passwords in the browsers - just disable the browser’s ability to prompt you to save passwords and auto-fill passwords. Eventually, once you are comfortable with Bitwarden, you can delete the password databases on the browsers for peace of mind, but there is no rush to do that, especially if you happen to change your mind.

The only other thing I would mention as you contemplate migrating your Firefox and Chrome credentials into Bitwarden is that be forewarned that you are going to encounter duplicate credentials after migration. This is not a Bitwarden issue, but rather an issue with how Firefox and (especially) Chrome store and export their credentials, which leads to multiple copies of the same info for a single domain/website. It is almost like they want to make it difficult for you to transfer to a different password manager… :slight_smile:

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Ive just exported/imported my firefox credentials and I don’t get any duplicates in bitwarden.

Ok I’ve (i) uploaded my Firefox accounts / password info to my Bitwarden vault, (ii) installed and enabled the desktop bitwarden plugins on Chrome and Firefox, (ii) disabled the desktop Chrome and FF browser’s default save/auto-fill password abilities, and it all seems to work OK! Yay! And also seems to work on my iPad: I had to (i) install the Bitwarden iPad application and log into my vault; (ii) change iPad settings to enable bitwarden as autofill account / passwords source, and do a bit of other fiddling to keep the vault accessible with biometrics, but it does seem to work OK. Will keep fiddling/ checing bjut Think I’m OK now. Thanks !!!