Automatically submit login form on auto-fill

Add an option to automatically submit login forms when an autofill action is performed. We might want an option to do this globally and/or on specific items. If we have a global option we would then also need an option to override it and disable it for specific logins too since the behavior may not be always desirable in certain situations.


It should be special key combination (like CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER) and/or UI button to do fill action with submit.


Also for the UI, maybe add SHIFT + LEFT CLICK on the BitWarden item to fill credentials and auto submit the form, and leave LEFT CLICK to only fill the credentials and not submit (as is the current operation).

I’m thinking something similar to Roboform’s ability for this same function:

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Is there any update on this feature ? looks like its been 8 months since this request was last updated !!

You guys are getting popular :slight_smile: - i just recently went premium. So Act Fast !!

…to submit on fill option please

Want it too. Same feature is present in Dashlane that I used for some years.

Keeper también tiene esta funcionalidad. Así evitas que el usuario final pueda extraer la contraseña

yeah cool feature :smiley:

+1 from me - I’ve recently moved from another product, and I’m missing this feature. Seems like all of the other products have already got it too.

I just dropped 1Password and migrated to Bitwarden Pro. I also miss this feature, since 1Password would allow you to select a login and it would auto-fill then submit (with an option to turn the auto-submit on and off).

Yes, Like that.

Certainly needs to be a per record setting. I have had a lot of annoyance from LastPass when it has auto filled and submitted with “Account A” when I wanted to login with “Account B”

I also miss this feature, I’m considering whether migrate from LastPass.

We absolutely need this feature forthwith. Thank You for providing a tremendous product.Approved

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Completely agree. Just left lastpass for bitwarden and definitely missing that feature. As suggested, need global default with per login override.


Agreed, this is one of the QOL features that I really miss from other managers.

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Miss this feature from Dashlane, Roboform & LastPass. At least give us an option to enable/disable this, please.

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+1 from another LastPass escapee.

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+1 I came from lastpass and miss this feature…