Automatically submit login form on auto-fill

+1 from another LastPass refugee here
It’s literally the only thing I miss that Bitwarden doesn’t have.


This feature would be great, please — especially to use on those websites with annoying timeouts (of like 10 mins). Thanks much for a great product!


Guys, many other PW managers have this feature! And it shouldn’t be too much effort to implement it, is it? Apart from that Bitwarden is awesome, just switched from 1PW to BW and didn’t regret!

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likewise - ex LastPass and more recently ex-RoboForm user…

+1 very very very usefull

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This would be a great feature. The one thing I miss after migrating from Dashlane.

+1 as I found this issue while searching on the web how to fill+submit with Firefox Bitwarden extension.
Thanks ^^

Apologies if this has already been requested - I searched and didn’t find anything.

I’d like BW to simulate an ENTER key press after account credentials are entered. I’m thinking of migrating from RoboForm and it has this functionality. In RF, when I select the appropriate account to auto-fill, I do not have to click the Login button or press the ENTER key in order to complete the login. RF does this for me. With BW, I do have to click Login or press ENTER. Not having this functionality is likely a deal breaker in my case.

Ideally, I suppose it would be helpful if this could be applied by account - users could click a check box in the account details window that would simulate the ENTER key press for each account independently. A global override that would apply the ENTER key press simulation to all logins would also be helpful.

same here coming from lastpass the only thing missing from lastpass is the auto login after auto fill thanks please add it

I also miss this feature a lot since I spend most of my day on websites with short session timeouts.

please add this I am missing this option

please add it globally and the option to disable it for some sites


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I was very surprised to see this wasn’t an option already, so it’s a +1 from me also

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And a +1 from me too. We use Keeper at work and this is a nice feature. Not the end of the world.

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Do I miss something or does the auto-fill complete login and password but we still need to click OK?
On some websites, we may like Bitwarden to automatically click ok.
Does that exist? Is it planned?
Thank you and kind regards

Yes, this is the only feature so far that I really miss from LastPass. Seems like a glaring oversight to me.

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wow 4 years later and this has not been implemented yet

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+1. This is my #1 feature request.

It would be sweet if the password added by Bitwarden could have a carriage return appended to it. This way the entered data would launch immediately.

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Really great feature to have. Any news regarding the plans to implement it?

Yes please! :+1:
It would seem if you do not use auto-fill and manually select the login, submitting what you have selected would be implicit. You really shouldn’t have to add an additional click/keystroke.

Perhaps the safest and most flexible would be to have a separate “Submit on fill” option for each defined login. Then, it would be separate from auto-fill and not used where a miss-fire might be problematic.